Watcher Total Protection - Software and User Manual Downloads

Application Description
CMS Client v5.81
for XL-Series DVRs

Remote Viewing Client for XL-Series DVRs. This application will only work with our XL-Series systems running Hybrid NDVR Software version 5.38 or later.

iVMS-4000 Client for E1-Series DVRs

Remote Viewing Client for Embedded DVRs purchased before January, 2013. Compatible Embedded systems should say "WatchBot" on the front of the DVR. This client is also compatible with XL-Series DVRs that are running the iVMS-2000 Server Software

CMS Client
for E2-Series DVRs

Remote Viewing Client for E2-Series Embedded DVRs. E2-Series DVRs replaced our E-Series embedded systems in January, 2013.

Video Format Converter - Converts to AVI

This video format converter allows you to convert recorded video to the AVI format that can be played in most computers. It will work with any XL-Series DVRs and our first-generation Embedded DVRs



How to identify the model of a DVR:

  • Most DVRs should have a serial number sticker on the top or side of the system. The model number is printed on the sticker, just above the serial number
  • XL-Series DVRs are the easiest to identify because they are built in large server cases that weigh over 40 pounds.
  • There are several types of Embedded DVRs, and they all look similar. If your system doesn't have the model number on it, you may be able to identify it by using some of the images below