IP Camera Expansion Kit


IP Camera Expansion Kit

Instantly add four 2.0 Megapixel IP cameras to any XL-Series DVR or NVR.  Includes everything you need to expand an existing system.


8 Port PoE (power over ethernet) Network Switch

Using PoE technology enables us to power the cameras and stream video over a single ethernet cable. This switch uses standard Cat5 or Cat6 network cable so no specialty equipment is needed.  The PoE switch can be installed in a central location, eliminating the need to home-run all the camera cables to the recording unit.  This switch can support up to seven IP cameras, with the eighth port needed to connect the switch to your recorder or existing IP camera network.  


Watcher 7222 2.0MP IP Dome Cameras

Add high definition video at an affordable price.  Save 33% by purchasing these cameras with our IP Camera Expansion Kit.  Visit the WP-7222 Product Page for camera specifications.