Watcher Active Product Protection


LM Tag™

LM Tag™ combines light and motion sensing technology to alarm when a moving shoplifter conceals a product under clothing or in a bag. By alarming at the moment of theft, the LM Tag alerts you well before the product walks out the door.


Turtle is an all-in-one security sensor with multiple applications. Use the Turtle by itself as an EAS tag or with strapping to protect packaged goods. The Turtle can also be connected to a variety of cable styles to secure demo or display products.


SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook

The SONIQ™ 2 Alarm Hook triggers an audible beep when the label holder is lifted, and an anti-sweep hook design that slows down product removal. The alarm can only be deactivated with a strobe key that utilizes a special light pattern.


Turtle Tag Video

LM Tag Video